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The Silver Coast in Portugal, or Costa de Prata, is a stunning stretch of coastal towns on the western side of Portugal, neighbouring the Atlantic Ocean. The region remains largely unknown and therefore untouched by tourism, meaning those who do visit can bask in the extraordinary “silver” sand. Read on for all about the Silver Coast in Portugal and why you should visit.

The Silver Coast in Portugal

Locals often refer to the Silver Coast as the Algarve of the north, and it certainly earns the title. Pristine clean beaches, water sport activities, and world-class golf courses make this a prime destination for holidaymakers to discover. But the Silver Coast is not just sandy beaches; between Peniche and just south of Porto you’ll discover everything from mountain views, traditional Portuguese villages, some of Europe’s best golf courses, and friendly locals.

Silver Coast Portugal Map

Silver Coast Map

The boundaries for the coastline are subject to some debate, but we can confirm that the Silver Coast stretches over 150km north of Lisbon, just missing Porto. And the area isn’t isolated to the coast but extends inland too. The Silver Coast incorporates cities like surf town Nazaré, historic towns like Tomar and Coimbra, and the mountain regions of Serra da Estrela.

Silver Coast Holidays

Portugal’s silver coast is made of many different villages and towns. Take a look at some of the most popular places.


Peniche is a popular seaside location for surfers and outdoor enthusiasts. For history lovers, the seaside fort where Salazar’s regime detained political prisoners can be explored, while art lovers can admire the talented artisans specializing in handmade lace.


Known for its gigantic waves and surf scene, Nazaré is a picturesque coastal resort filled with beach umbrellas in the summer months. The town isn’t all beach and waves, but also a popular destination over Carnival and New Year’s celebrations too.

Torres Vedras

Torres Vedras Castle

One of Portugal’s most traditional towns, Torres Vedras is a region linked strongly to wine, and surrounded by green hills and valleys. Locals venture up here to celebrate Carnival, where the celebrations are some of the biggest in the country. If you want to know more about this very particular Portuguese tradition, click here.



Surrounded by a city wall, a walk through the city centre feels like a walk back in time. Óbidos is a historic village, decorated with cobblestone paths and whitewashed homes. It is a small peaceful town, definitely worth the stopover for a night away from the big cities.

Weather in the Silver Coast, Portugal

The region is characterized by the blessed Mediterranean weather that much of Portugal boasts year-round.

beach portugal silver coast

The average temperature in the Silver Coast

The average temperature in the summer months reaches as high as 30 °C, while the average low drops to around 15 °C degrees in the winter months and reaches highs of approximately 14 °C. The shoulder seasons Spring and Autumn are still good for visiting, with average highs of 18 °C and lows of 13 °C. Don’t let the weather stop you from visiting this glorious coastline.

Things to do in the Silver Coast

Portugal has endless opportunities for recreational activities, and there is something to fit each person’s taste and budget.
Thanks to the weather, visitors can expect to participate in many outdoor activities while visiting the Silver Coast in Portugal:
  • Water activities on offer all year include:
    • paddle-boarding
    • kite surfing
    • horse-back riding
    • sailing, and many more
  • Surfing the enormous waves in Nazaré (one for the brave and skilled)
  • Visit the University of Coimbra, founded in 1290
  • Visit Berlenga Island – a nature reserve island home to seagulls and various other wildlife
  • Play a round of golf at some of Portugal’s best golf courses (you can read more about Portugal’s golf courses here)

  • You can also day trip to various cities inland, to Porto, or Lisbon.

  • Spend an evening or a day wine tasting the delicious wines of the local regions

  • Wonder around the Buddah Eden sculpture gardens – inspired by oriental and African culture

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Sandy Beaches on the Silver Coast

The Silver Coast in Portugal is home to some of the country’s most prestigious “silver” sandy beaches, fit for swimming, surfing, or simply taking in the beauty of the waves and the shore.
Here are some of our favourite beach spots along the Silver Coast:
  • Praia da Nazaré – Famous for its enormous waves, and big wave surfing competitions
  • Medão (Peniche) – Also known as the Supertubos Beach, providing surfers with the perfect tube for catching waves
  • Praia Tocha – Located north of Figueira da Foz, this beautiful beach offers visitors the best of unspoilt sandy dunes and top-notch waves for surfing
  • Praia do Carreiro do Mosteiro – A small beach surrounded by big looming cliffs with gorgeous aqua waters, and plenty of fish to watch or catch
  • Baleal Beach – Situated north of Peniche, this is a popular location for surfing
  • Foz do Arelho Beach – A beautiful lagoon beach with crystal clear waters, surrounding cliffs, and buzz of beach bars and restaurants

Food in the Silver Coast

Of course, one can not and must not visit a town in Portugal without enjoying the fantastic gastronomies of each region.

Typical Portuguese Dishes in the Silver Coast

  • Arroz de Tamboril – A Portuguese dish prepared using monkfish, and cooked in laurel, garlic, and tomato stew with rice; similar to risotto. Caçarola 1 in Figueira da Foz, a seaside village prepares one of the best versions of this dish. Try it if you’re passing through!
  • Polvo a Lagareiro – A whole octopus first boiled and then roasted in the oven, dressed in much garlic and olive oil. Often served with potatoes, this dish is one of my favourites. A Tasquinha in Nazaré prepares this excellently.
  • Bacalhau – You cannot visit Portugal without trying one of its most famous dishes, Bacalhau, or codfish. There are many recipes for this classic dish, but it is served best with combinations of onion, chips, olives, parley, and egg. You can find this dish in any restaurant along Portugal’s Silver Coast (and everywhere else!).

  • Caldeirada de Enguias – A fried eel stew, seasoned with saffron and often peppers and wine; try

    this in Bastos, a restaurant on the Torreira Beach nearby Aveiro.

Best Restaurants on the Silver Coast

Here are some personal recommendations for restaurants along the Silver Coast in Portugal and why we
think they are so great.
  • Pangeia Restaurante – located on the hill above Nazare, serving spectacular Portuguese cuisine. The sea bass, octopus, and tiger prawns are dishes all served to perfection, amongst others on their mouth-watering menu. You also get the best ocean view, which is great for sunset. (Meals range €20 – €60) Rua Abel da Silva 50, Nazare
  • Dom José – One of my favourite restaurants on the Silver Coast, a find in the small town Bombarral. You get the full Portuguese experience here, with traditional food, beautiful wine, and friendly service as if you were a local. Don’t forget to finish your meal with a chocolate mousse dessert! Rua Doutor Alberto Martins Santos 4, Bombarral
  • Tibino Casa de Petiscos – A charming restaurant in Foz do Arelho; the food is consistently good and frequented by tourists and locals, so you know it is good. Try the sea bass, lamb chops, or cuttlefish! Rua Francisco Almeida Grandela NO 141 Caldas da Rainha, Foz do Arelho
  • A Tasquinha – Another classic Portuguese restaurant located in Nazaré; this is a popular spot but well worth the wait. It is cozy, reasonably priced, and each of the meals delicious; be sure to try the pork cheeks, grilled squid, sea bass or seafood rice. Rua Adriao Batalja 54, Nazare

If you’d like to know more about the Portuguese cuisine, make sure you check Typical Portuguese Food: Your Guide to Authentic Regional Cuisine.

Silver Coast Holidays

If you’re visiting the Silver Coast in Portugal, you can rest assured that there are plenty of hotels, hostels, and lodges to suit your fancy.

Praia del Rey Resort
Hotel Praia D’El Rey Marriott Golf & Beach Resort

If you’re looking for a hotel in this region, Booking has some really nice deals. Praia D’El Rey Marriott Golf & Beach Resort, 15 minutes away from Peniche is one of my favourites when I’m looking to splurge.

The five-star hotel has all the best features, including ocean views, an 18-hole championship golf course, extensive spa facilities, two restaurants and bar, a health club, Turkish baths, swimming pools, and a kids club.
The cities of Peniche and Obidos are closest to the resort, with easy access to the castle of Obidos and beaches of Peniche.
A weekend away, from Friday through Sunday, will cost you from €410.
I say, book for a friends trip or romantic getaway!
Peniche Beach Hostel
Peniche Beach Hostel

When I just want a nice but affordable place to stay I usually book a room at Peniche Beach Hostel.

From €30/night, this quirky colourful hostel has all the essentials for a weekend away.
It is conveniently located just 5-minutes-walk from the Peniche de Cima, a beautiful white sand beach.
They also offer 24-hour reception, water sports facilities, a well-equipped kitchen, and even offer surf lessons, kite lessons and
bicycle rental. If you’re travelling solo, this is a great hostel to meet people and enjoy the best of the Silver

Property for sale in the Silver Coast

Situated between two major cities of Portugal, Lisbon and Porto, most of the towns on the Silver Coast are small, with residents living a slower pace than the big cities. This can be ideal for a relaxing holiday and some even choose to live leisurely in one of these towns for much longer! The cost of living in the Silver Coast is a major reason many expats are moving to the region; offering exceptional value for money and high quality of life. Houses on the Silver Coast cost between €250,000 to €1m, while a two-bedroom apartment costs on average €70,000. Check out the prices on Rightmove or Idealista. Expats looking for an alternative residence or holiday home to the Algarve, that is affordable and scenic, might find the Silver Coast, the perfect solution. Read our article here to see what visa options you need to live in Portugal.

Cost of Living on the Silver Coast

While the housing market is rising, Portugal still has reasonable housing costs.
The low cost of living that is offered is a major reason why more and more expats are relocating to the Silver Coast. Many locals will say that approximately €700-1000 is a common amount to live on per month.
Utilities are also quite cheap -gas ranging €15-30, electricity from €25-50, and Internet/cable TV around €120 per month.
Eating and drinking cost very little in Portugal. Meals in restaurants will average €10 and beer €1-3.50.
If you need a car then costs do rise considerably, with up to €200-250 in petrol costs. Public transportation is reasonable, with monthly passes costing €36, or one-ride tickets starting from €1.50.

Should you visit the Silver Coast in Portugal?

The Silver Coast offers visitors and residents a great combination of relaxing and adventure-filled activities in Portugal. There is the best of local cuisine, medieval and coastal towns to explore, championship golf courses to play, and of course “silver” sandy beaches to enjoy the Portuguese sun. Hope to see you there this summer!

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