About us

bePortugal is an online platform created for all of you who are interested in visiting or living in Portugal. As you would expect from a young and easy-going team, we are passionate about showing you all that Portugal has to offer. No matter where we are from or where we live, we all have something in common: We want you to experience Portugal in the most fulfilling way. Join us, and bePortugal!

Experience Portugal

We know that almost everything in life is a matter of perspective. With that in mind, we agree that the best way to describe a country or a given experience is to hear it from the voices who have been there and see it through the eyes of different people.

This is what we want to give our readers. We will introduce you to Portugal with the help of a multicultural team of people from different origins, backgrounds, perspectives and ways of life.

You will be able to discover the different nuances of our favourite country and read about it from different points of view, from the funniest to the most brutally honest. Enjoy exploring Portugal with us!