Lamego, The Coziest Town In The Heart Of The Douro Valley

Historical sites, beautiful views and Portugal’s best wines are waiting for you in the heart of the picturesque Douro Valley, Lamego. The perfect spot to run away from a busy week, turn off and go back in time.

Experience Medieval Portugal, where you are close to nature and centuries-old monuments.

Read further and let us help you to plan your next weekend trip to Lamego.

Where exactly is Lamego?

Lamego is in the North Region of the Douro, in the Viseu district, approximately 130 km away from Porto. The city is located on the shore of the Balsemão river and occupies an area of around 165 km2.

Go on a medieval tour through Lamego, where you can visit everything the city has to offer and taste the local wine. 

What’s the weather like in Lamego?

Lamego has a warm and temperate climate. The winter months, between December and February, are the coldest and also pretty rainy. The average temperature during those months can be under 7 °C and the rainfall can reach 179 mm.

On the other hand, the spring is already pleasant, from March to May the temperature rises up to a maximum of 20 °C and it rains less and less.

June, July, August and September are the driest months and also the warmest ones. The days are sunny and hot, with a maximum of 28 °C, while the nights are a bit chilly but refreshing, with a minimum of 12.6 °C.

From October on, the autumn is already around the corner, with average temperatures as low as 14.6 °C and more rain.

If you want to know more about the Portuguese weather, read our article about it here.

When is the best time to visit Lamego?

View of vineyards in The Douro Valley

Considering the average temperatures, between May and November is the best time to visit Lamego. May, August and July are the most popular with tourists. The peak period is from the end of August until the middle of September, on account of the local festivals.

If you want to avoid the crowds but still enjoy the nice weather, we recommend planning your Lamego holiday for late September or October.

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Best hotels in Lamego

Now you know when to go but there is still the question of where to stay. Here we give you five options for luxurious accommodation and five options for those who travel on a low budget.

Choose the one which matches your wallet and expectations the most and enjoy the beauty of the area.

Comfort and leisure – higher price and great quality

Lamego Hotel & Life

lamego hotel & life

The four-star hotel has everything you need for a perfect Douro Valley holiday. It is only 800 meters away from the center of Lamego and has a beautiful view of its own wine yard. You can also enjoy the spa and the heated pool while you’re there.

Check their availability here.

The Wine House Hotel – Quinta da Pacheca

the wine house hotel

Spend your holiday in an 18th-century house with all the luxury of our current times. The traditional architecture and the original furniture guarantee a unique experience, while central heating and the internet give you all the comfort you are used to.

Check the availability here.

Casa de Santo António de Britiande

casa de santo antonio de britiande

Only five kilometers away from the center of Lamego you can rent your private room or studio apartment in Casa de Santo António de Britiande.

The hosts also offer wine tasting tours as they come from a traditional wine-producing family.

Learn more about accommodation and wine tourism here.

Quinta De Casaldronho Wine Hotel

Quinta De Casaldronho Wine Hotel

This four-star hotel sits within green surroundings with a view of the Douro Valley and is only a half-hour drive away from Lamego.

The hotel has all the luxury you crave when on holiday while also giving you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the region and its variety of traditional food and wine.

Check the availability here.

For those on a low budget

O Cantinho do Colégio

o cantinho do colegio

Located in the centre of Lamego, O Cantinho do Colégio offers cosy, nice rooms for an affordable price. Enjoy the modern equipment a walking distance away from the sightseeing spots of the city.

Check their availability here.

Remédios Apartment

Remédios Apartment is able to host up to eight people. The house is clean and tidy, perfect for a bigger family or group of friends.

Mill House – Quinta de Recião

Just eight kilometres away from Lamego, you can spend a night in a romantic Mill House at the shore of the Varosa river.

If you would like to see it by yourself, do not hesitate to check their availability here!

Mill House Airbnb in Lamego

Huga Home

Prefer to stay in the centre of Lamego? Huga Home offers a great location, cozy rooms and good prices. Close to everything, perfect value for the money.

Apartamento da Seara em Lamego

Have your own apartment for a great price. Apartamento da Seara em Lamego is close to the city centre and is able to host up to four people.

Things to do in Lamego

Lamego offers several activities, from hiking to wine tasting. Take a look at our list and fill your notebook with fun and entertaining activities for the whole family.

Camping in Lamego

For those who prefer to spend their holiday close to nature, camping in Lamego might be a great idea.

Check out the local campsites and get your sleeping bag ready. A new adventure is just around the corner!

Read our article about camping in Portugal and find out about the best places to set up a tent and relax in the country.

Festival of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

From the end of August until the middle of September Lamego is filled with visitors. The festival of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios is an annual celebration of the patron saint of the city and attracts thousands of people.

However, the visitors don’t only go there for the pilgrimage, but also for the concerts and exhibitions as well as other cultural events.

Visiting Wineries

Lamego is located in Portugal’s most famous wine-producing area, in the Douro Valley. The city itself has its own speciality, the Raposeira, a fruity and fizzy red or white wine which is perfect as an appetizer.

Visit the local wineries and do some wine tasting. The basements are not only cold and refreshing but also hide liquid treasures which you have to try.

Portuguese wine is one of the biggest prideworthy aspects on a national level. Read all about it here.

Grapes in Lamego

Hiking in Parque Biológico da Serra da Meada

The park occupies a 50-hectare area full of ancient pine trees and has a walking trail among them. It is also home to rescued animals, who wouldn’t survive in the wild due to injuries.

Visit the park and meet the local fauna: the foxes, boars, deer and numerous birds which all live here.

Taste the town

Lamego is famous for its local food like the typical ham, the cornbread and the meat dishes. Do not miss the roasted goat with potatoes or the rabbit, prepared in a wood-fired oven.

The bola de Lamego, the local sandwich is also a must-try. It can be filled with marinated pork, ham, sardines or cheese.

Which ones are the top monuments in Lamego?

Lamego has a long history and hides numerous treasures. Here is a list of the most important monuments you have to see when visiting this charming town.

Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

There are 686 stairs leading to the most iconic monument of Lamego, the sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. On the way up you will see painted tiles, fountains, chapels and obelisks until you arrive at the Rococo and Baroque style sanctuary on the top of Monte de Santo Estêvão.

Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

Castelo do Lamego

Although the castle has recently been renovated, it can still take us back to the Moorish-Catholic wars. You can visit the interactive exhibition inside and be amazed by the beautiful view from the top of the castle.

Museo de Lamego

To get thoroughly acquainted with the history of the town it is worth visiting the Museum of Lamego. Here you can learn about the archaeological treasures of the area as well as the typical furniture and famous art pieces from different centuries.

Lamego Cathedral

Lamego Cathedral

The cathedral dates back to the 12th century but has gone through several renovations and developments throughout the centuries. As a result, nowadays you can find in it both gothic and renaissance elements next to one another.

What to buy in Lamego?

There is nothing more typical of the area than the famous Raposeira wine. It is the perfect choice to buy as a present or as a souvenir and to share after your travels.

You can also choose some local ceramics to decorate your house, which will remind you of this little cosy town.

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Is Lamego worth a visit?

Lamego is a perfect base from where you can comfortably discover the Douro Valley and enjoy its scenic views and tasty wines. It is the perfect spot for a longer retreat or even just for a weekend escape.

For more information about the area, read our article about the Douro Valley and Miranda do Douro.