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Why it is good to know about the expat events in Portugal? Well, working abroad, especially in this marvelous country is an amazing experience. You slowly get familiar with the new environment and enjoy it as much as possible. But how can you make some friends? What about social gatherings? And hobbies? Personal passions? Expat events in Portugal help you to find the right programs regarding your interests, as well as some new friends who are enthusiastic about the same topics. There are tons of different kind of programs for expats. They give you the opportunity for some networking and chit-chat, even professional growth or just cooking and watching movies together. Read further and choose your desired expat events in Portugal and meet with people like you!

Expat events in Lisbon

Expat events in Portugal are more frequented than expected. Especially in the capital, where a strong expat community is responsible for keeping us occupied. Let’s see how can you find your matching expat event in Lisbon!

Join the local expat Facebook group!

To get your first insights about the expat events in Portugal the first logical thing to do is to join the local expat’s group on Facebook. The biggest expat community in Lisbon is called Expats World in Lisbon. Here you can find several activities from Startup crawls to Pilates classes, organized by the members. The other benefit of joining the group is that you can always ask the opinion of the fellow expats. If you have any question about literally anything in the city, there will be someone to give you recommendations.

Weekly Couchsurfing meetings

You might not need a couch to sleep anymore, but there is much more you can use your CouchSurfing registration for! Most of the expat events in Portugal are listed here, such as weekly CS meetings. During these events, you can meet with locals who help you to understand the Portuguese culture as well as with other expats and tourists with whom you can be confused about it. The meeting takes place every Wednesday, close to Cais do Sodré in a restaurant/coffee shop, called Café da Ordem dos Arquitectos.  For the exact location click here and know more about the event here. See you there next Wednesday!

Lisbon language social

Another great gathering opportunity that CouchSurfing offers is the language practicing event, called the Lisbon Language Social. The meeting is in Anjos70 a five minutes walk away from the Anjos metro station on the green line. Look at the map here! In case you attend this place for the first time, you have to pay €2 to become a member. With your membership, you can visit the events of Anjos70 for free, just like the following language exchanges.

language exchange meeting

More than 100 people are showing up on this event week by week. They all got a little flag which shows the language you can practice with them. After you got yours from the organizers you just have to find someone with who you can practice the desired language and you can talk about whatever you like. Be there next Tuesday and get fluent in a language while making new friends at the same time! Do you need more tips about how to learn Portuguese? Read our article about it here!

Lisbon digital nomads

Lisbon Digital Nomads has over 6000 members on Meetup.com and they organize several expat events in Portugal. Are you curious about the topics? We are sure you will find the right one for you, or you can just try them all!


NomadTalks is for those who are enthusiastic about the new solutions in technology, online media and more. You can learn about how to start a podcast, how to develop your blog or tips to start your business. There are always guest experts on the topics who give you the basic knowledge about the current subject. After that, the attendants are free to develop the discussion and share their ideas and ask their questions. Are you interested? Join the group on Meetup.com, so you will not miss any event!


Selina Secret garden hosts most of the events organized by the Lisbon Digital Nomads. This summer the outstanding coworking place/restaurant/rooftop also gives space for an open-air cinema to the expats. The screening is free and you can even take your own popcorn and drinks. Although, you have to sign up for the event as soon as possible since the places are limited!

Casual coworking mondays

Being an expat in a foreign country can be a bit lonely sometimes. That’s why Lisbon Digital Nomads decided to do something against that and came up with the idea of the Casual Coworking Mondays. Every Monday they take their laptops to the Copenhagen Coffee Lab in Alcântara, so they can all work together while doing some networking at the same time. Sick of a home office? Go and join them next time!

Coworking with DigitalNomads

In case you want to check out other co-working places in Lisbon, read about the best ones here!

True stories told live Lisbon

Do you like stand-up comedy? Especially if it’s about true stories that happened in your current home, Lisbon? Then you have to check out this free event or you can even tell your own story! Don’t be shy, just fill the application form and shine! For more information and some inspiration, click here! Expat events in Portugal have never been this funny! Find out more about expats in Portugal, subscribe to our newsletter.

Expat events in Porto

Expat events in Portugal are easy to find in the capital. However, you will not be bored in Porto either. Here is a list of expat events in Porto to check out during your stay!

Porto expats Facebook group

To stay updated about expat events in Portugal, especially the ones close to you, it’s always a good decision to join the local expat Facebook group.  Here you can catch up with the fellow expats or even organize your own meetings!

Just write!

Have you always wanted to write a book, but never started? Or you just like to scratch some poems but are always afraid to share them? This writing group can help you to open up and express yourself via writing. Follow them on Meetup.com and go to their next meeting!  Just don’t forget your laptop at home, or bring a notebook and a pen!

just write meetings

Poetry night

The Poetry Night is a perfect example of those expat events in Portugal which do not require fluency in any language. You can just go there and share your poetry, music, and art or just listen to the others. The event takes place every Tuesday in Casa Bô, Rua do Bonfim 356 from 10 pm!

Weekly hangout at Terraplana

The Porto Internationals group on Meetup.com is taking care of the weekly networking event. Every Friday night you can just hang out in Terraplana coffee shop to meet with some new people or old friends. Be there from 8 pm and join one of the best hangout expat events in Portugal!

Porto digital nomads meetup

This is another event organized by digital nomads that mixes networking with some professional growth. Here you can learn useful tricks from experts in different areas while making some new friends or even business partners. The meet up is once a month in Porto i/o Riverside coworking place. For more information, just click here.

Porto surf meetup

Are you a surfer at heart? Then the Porto Surf meetup will be one of your favorite expat events in Portugal! The meetings are held monthly and they talk about everything that is connected to surf. The events also have a special focus on saving our oceans and respecting marine life. Are you interested? Click here and learn more!

surf meetings in Porto

Also, if you just want to know more about surfing in Portugal and where to find the best spots, read our experts guide here!

Expats events in Algarve

It is quite easy to find expat events in Portugal if you are in one of the biggest cities, but what about the south part of the country? Is there any opportunity in Algarve for expats to make themselves busy? We will figure it out now!

Facebook groups first

Expats Living in the Algarve and Algarve Expats are both big Facebook groups with around 4 to 6 thousand members. You just have to ask them and there will be immediately people inviting you to different events such as singing groups or hangout gatherings. Here are some opportunities we found for you to enjoy the expat events in Portugal, in the Algarve region!

Ladies choir in Guia

You don’t need a spectacular voice to join this choir. Simply the passion for singing together and the love of music will guide you to have a lot of fun. But where is it exactly? In Guia Village Hall, every Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm.

The purpose of life

Are you seeking a spiritual experience? Something unusual to help you find your way, even the purpose of life? You can give a try and learn about the teachings of Buddha in the Lagos Purpose of Life in Buddhism Meetups. You don’t have to follow any religion and all your beliefs are respected, but an open mind and curiosity about the subject are required. As you can see from our list, there are all kinds of expat events in Portugal. You can find different gatherings, from the simple hangouts to creating arts or learning new skills. We hope you can easily find the best ones that match your interests and enjoy them to the fullest!

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