Cowork Porto – The 20 Best Coworking Spaces To Work From

A new generation of remote workers, startups and progressive companies are instead choosing to value flexibility and convenience in how they work.

The coworking Porto scene reflects this popular rise as the city offers plenty of incredible spaces to get your work done. From working out of a penthouse to working in an ice cream shop, say goodbye to those old, dreary offices and welcome to the age of the coworking! 

Read on to find the 20 Best Cowork Porto Spaces you need to work form. 

What Is A Coworking Space?  

Coworking Spaces are the new preferred offices breaking all the old paradigms. They involve a shared, open office in which multiple businesses and independent workers gather to work.

Rather than all being employed by a single company, the office features a community of businesses and independent workers who instead share a common, collaborative, flexible work style. 

Opo'Lab Coworking Space
Opo’Lab Coworking Space

For businesses, coworking spaces are economically advantageous and reduce upfront costs such as expensive office rent and furniture.

On the other hand, for independent workers Coworking Spaces provide a social space that combats having to work alone or working from a noisy cafe all day.

Together, they create a valuable synergy that builds a dynamic community and promotes an environment of networking and collaboration. 

Cowork Porto – The Best Spaces To Get Your Work Done

It’s no secret anymore that Portugal is a global hub for startups and remote workers, with many preferring to work out of Coworking Spaces.
In Porto, this comes as no surprise as there are so many fantastic spaces available and all so easily accessible using Porto’s public transport.

So here it is, we’ve found the Best Coworking Spaces in Porto for you to check out – all listed by neighborhood too!

Cowork Porto – Best Spots Near Baixa and Cedofeita

Typographia Cowork

Typographia Cowork
Typographia Cowork

Housed in what was once a traditional printing office, Typographia Cowork is located conveniently in the heart of Porto’s historic center.

Its beautiful interiors provide an inspiring place to get lots of work done. Plenty of natural light throughout, Typographica Cowork also boasts some incredible views overlooking Porto! Members love the outdoor terrace, amazing community lunches and events and high-speed Wi-Fi all available here.

Price: From 75€ Per Month
Address: Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, 144-A, Porto, Portugal

Porto i/o Downtown

Located in an amazing 19th-century building, Porto i/o Downtown is a tech hub right in the center of Porto. All things digital can be found here. It’s proven a popular spot for tech workers, digital creatives and entrepreneurs.

Members love the wide variety of meetups and social events available, making networking a breeze. It offers ergonomic seating, unlimited coffee and tea, printing, a kitchen and even showers! It’s located in between Aliados and São Bento metro station also making it easy for you to access via the metro.

Price: From 12.50€ Per Day or 50€ Per Week.
Address: R. de Cândido dos Reis 81, 4050-152 Porto


Land Coworking
Land Coworking

A bright Coworking Space, Land is filled with plenty of plants to help provide constant inspiration. Its modern interiors, ping pong table, large tables, and standing desks look straight out of a magazine catalog.

Best of all, members have access 24/7 to help you work weekends or for as long as you need! Members rave about the pet-friendly Coworking space and the great workshops and events held there.

Land is closest to Aliados metro station and also offers bike storage if you’re riding in!

Price: From 13€ Per Day or 60€ Per Week.
Address: Rua do Rosário, 294, Porto, Portugal

CRU Cowork

A creative hub in Porto’s art district Bombarda, CRU Cowork is a Coworking Space designed especially for creatives.

It features a design shop, an area for art exhibitions and workshop facilities that help foster its thriving creative scene. A very special place that promotes collaboration, building relationships and helping other workers.

Members rave about the friendly atmosphere, community events, free coffee and outdoor terrace to hang out and relax!

Price: From 55€ Per Month
Address: Rua do Rosário 211, Porto, Portugal


Temporada Coworking
Temporada Coworking

A lively and contemporary space, Temporada is filled with unique artworks and bright colors to inspire creativity. With a variety of seating options – from hot desks, communal tables or team booths, you’re certainly able to find what best suits you.

The Coworking Space offers unlimited coffee and tea, conference rooms and printing.

Members favor the atmosphere and strong community in the space, as well as the great outdoor area. It can be found close to metro station Carolina Michaelis.

Price: From 5€ Per Day or 50€ Per Month.
Address: Rua da Torrinha 151, Porto, Portugal

Cowork Porto – Best Spots Near Ribeira

Porto i/o Riverside

Porto i/o Riverside
Porto i/o Riverside

Ever wanted to work out of a penthouse with a panoramic view over Porto? Of course you do! Porto i/o Riverside offers a stunning view overlooking some of the most iconic spots in Porto and Gaia.

Located right along the Douro River, it’s also conveniently near São Bento metro station.

Recently refurbished, the Coworking Space offers a relaxed and calm environment with amenities such as unlimited coffee and tea, printing and kitchen.

Members rave about the incredible balcony used to soak in the sun and take a break whenever they need to.

Price: From 12.50€ Per Day or 50€ Per Week.
Address: 73 Rua do Infante Dom Henrique, 4, Porto, Portugal

Porto Soul Coworking 

Porto Soul Coworking is located in a prestigious address within a historic building in Porto.

The Coworking Space boasts free coffee, standing desks, personal lockers and an outdoor terrace for you to unwind.

Members absolutely love that it is accessible 24/7, which makes it perfect for those wanting more flexibility in their working hours.

It’s also within walking distance from some of Porto’s main attractions such as Torre dos Clérigos and right near São Bento metro station.

Price: From 10€ Per Day or 50€ Per Week.
Address: Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira, 222-226, Porto, Portugal

Cowork Porto – Best Spots Near Bonfim

Synergy CoWorking

Synergy CoWorking
Synergy CoWorking

A Coworking Space with an ice cream shop sounds like an absolute dream, right?

The temptation is real at Synergy CoWorking which combines a Coworking Space, ice cream shop, makers workshop, event room and urban garden all in the same place!

Synergy CoWorking has a strong focus on helping their coworkers network.

Members love the regular workshops, events, fitness activities, coaching, accounting and legal advice also on offer here!

Price: From 12€ Per Hour or 35€ Per Week.
Address: Avenida de Fernão de Magalhães, 613, Porto, Portugal

Nü Coworking Criativo

Nü Coworking Criativo is unique in Porto because it’s a Coworking Studio aimed primarily at those who work away from the screen.

Here, those that create with their hands come together to work with clay and master the art of ceramics.

However, it’s not only limited to that with graphic designers and illustrators using the space and sewing courses and other workshops also available here too.

Price: Contact Directly for a price.
Address: Rua das Doze Casas, 72, Porto, Portugal



A Coworking Space with the first Fablab dedicated to thinking and exploring the creative use of new technologies. Opo’Lab is extremely attractive to those working in architecture, engineering and the design industries.

You can certainly find a thriving maker community, all using the state of the art machines and Coworking Space to prototype their projects.

Members particularly love the access to the 3D printing, CNC machines and laser cutters, all available here!

Price: From 10€ Per Day or 40€ Per Week.
Address: R. de Dom João Iv 643, Porto, Portugal

Alveole Coworking

Housed in a mansion in the heart of Porto, Alveole Coworking provides a friendly and creative environment for workers.

Most noteworthy, each room contains beautiful works of art mixed with luxury furniture. Members love the cooking classes, thematic meetings, art exhibitions and yoga also available in the space.

It’s located right by Marquès Metro Station making it super accessible to access.

Price: From 24€ Per Day or 84€ Per Week.
Address: Praça do Marquês de Pombal, 169, Porto, Portugal

Armazém Cowork

Armazem Coworking Space
Armazem Coworking Space

A modern and comfortable Coworking Space, Armazem Cowork is located in a renovated, abandoned warehouse with plenty of natural light. Above all, the space promotes sharing ideas and projects with fellow workers to add value to its members.

It features a beautiful, lush garden which is the perfect spot to have a break or lunch.  Members love the positive, motivating workspace and its great layout for workshops and presentations.

Price: From 45€ Per Week.
Address: R. António José da Silva 63, Porto, Portugal

Oficina 2. Coworking

Oficina 2. Coworking Space
Oficina 2. Coworking Space

Oficina 2 is a Coworking Space in the old factory complex of the Centenary Cooperative Dos Pedreiros.

It’s a beautiful and spacious place to work with a lounge room and living space, workstations and also a showroom space.

For those that ride, it also offers bicycle parking. Members love the standing desks, free coffee, personal lockers and workshops hosted there.

It’s a thriving creative space that attracts everyone from designers, copywriters, Youtubers, architects and photographers!

Price: From 15€ Per Day or 50€ Per Week.
Address: Rua de Dom João IV, 1006, Porto, Portugal

Cowork Porto – Best Spots Near Boavista


With two fantastic Coworking Spaces in Lisbon, NOW_Porto continues to deliver yet another great space. Now_Porto offers 1000sqm of lounge spaces, meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor auditoriums and studios all accessible.

Members love the ergonomic chairs and free coffee, with onsite cafe also available. It’s partnered with FINSA, a global brand operating with wood transformed projects.

Working here you can have access to all the technical information regarding wood, perfect for those working in architecture, design and engineering.

Price: From 15€ Per Day or 50€ Per Week.
Address: Estrada da Circunvalação, Porto, Portugal

Facts Coworking

Facts Coworking Space
Facts Coworking Space

A strong focus on community and collaboration can be found at Facts Coworking. Members love the relaxed and informal vibe with showers, lockers, unlimited coffee & tea and kitchen all available.

It’s certainly the perfect Coworking Space to get to know others with a ping pong table and PlayStation also ready to use!

Conveniently located only 2 minutes from Casa da Música metro station, it also features bike storage available if you ride to work.

Price: From 77€ Per Month
Address: Rua 5 de Outubro 185, Porto, Portugal


25Friday is a modern office in central Porto offering an open space divided into 2 areas: Work and Leisure. The Coworking Space offers comfy chairs, kitchen, dining area, sofas, TV and even a Playstation!

A great feature here is the whiteboard wall, which is certainly the perfect space for brainstorms! Members love the creative and calm environment, with group lunches and morning snacks to make everyone feel welcome.

Price: From 99€ Per Month.
Address: Rua Rodrigues Lobo, n. 79, Porto, Portugal

Cowork Porto – Best Spots Near Foz do Douro and Nevogilde

Marechal 1551

Marechal 1551
Marechal 1551

Based on the concept of a ‘business residence’, Marechal 1551 welcomes entrepreneurs, executives, consultants and freelancers from all different areas of the economy.

Located in a beautifully renovated house, it has a unique homely vibe with features such as The Business Lounge, library, kitchen and outdoor garden and terrace.

Members love the community of the workers there, who each collaborate and help each other grow their businesses. It’s a charming place to receive clients and partners for meetings, located in the upscale Foz do Douro area.

Price: From 20€ Per Day or 60€ Per Week.
Address: 1551 Avenida do Marechal Gomes da Costa, Porto, Portugal

Cowork Porto – Best Spots near Matosinhos

Lexo Coworking

Lexo Coworking
Lexo Coworking

A pet-friendly Coworking Space, Lexo Coworking encourages you to bring your pets to work!

Located conveniently near the beach, Lexo has attracted a diverse and dynamic crew to its community – from wandering remote workers, startups and entrepreneurs.

Above all, members rave about how quiet the workspace is and the family environment fostered in Lexo.

Price: From 8€ Per Day or 123€ Per Month
Address: 279 Rua Roberto Ivens, Matosinhos, Portugal

Java Cowork

An amazing Coworking Space that’s also by the beach? Sign us up now! Java Cowork is an innovative Coworking Space that offers its members access to sound and video recording equipment, a podcasting room, printing and lounge/chill out area.

Best of all, there is a fitness room and personal trainer available at Java Cowork!

Now you can work and work out whenever you want to, all in the same place!

Price: From 12.30€ Per Day or 123€ Per Month
Address: 603 Rua Brito e Cunha, Porto, Portugal