Plan Your Weekend Getaway To Vila do Conde In Portugal

Vila Do Conde is a beautiful town that used to be a quiet city known for its shipbuilding yard at the time of the Maritime Discoveries.

Over the years, it has become quite a significant resort, and despite the increase in visitors, it still remains much of its charm.

If you are thinking about visiting this beautiful city, it is just 27 km north of the famous, Porto, and it’s located at the mouth of the River Ave.

Where is Vila do Conde?

Vila do Conde is a city in Douro, which is on the northern side of Portugal. It sits between the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and the Ave River. The best and easiest way to get from Porto to Vila do Conde is by car.

Why should you visit Vila do Conde?

vila do conde

If you are thinking about visiting Porto in Portugal, you should make a trip to Vila do Conde because it is quite a pleasing town to visit with its villas and apartments that overlook the beach and are set away from the rest of the town.

The old town retains its small fishing port and has a number of historical buildings to enjoy. Vila do Conde is a favourite with the Portuguese, who are drawn by the beautiful beaches, tasty food and the town’s relaxed ambience.

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How to get to Vila do Conde from Porto

The town is quite easy to access from Porto as it is connected by the Porto metro system. Vila do Conde is on the red line, which heads north from central Porto and the Trindade metro station.

The journey will take approximately around an hour, so it is always ideal to catch the faster express service if you want to get there sooner.

A single ticket from Trindade metro station to Vila do Conde requires a six-zone ticket and will cost more or less around €3 per person.

Learn more about the Porto metro by clicking on this link.

Weather in Vila do Conde


The climate in Vila do Conde is quite warm. During the winter months, you have more rain in comparison to the summer months.

So, when is the best time of the year to visit?

If you want to enjoy this town with pleasant temperatures, you should go there during the months of June, July, August, September and October; with August being the warmest month.

However, for those who want to avoid the heat, you can visit during January, as this is known to be the coolest month. Try to avoid going in December, as it rains a lot during this time.

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What is Vila do Conde known for?

Praia Azul

This town is known for its beautiful beaches and historical buildings. It makes a great choice for a low-key and personable beach holiday destination. Especially for families with young children, who are seeking somewhere calm, pleasant and with a bit of charm. Check out a few of their beaches and sites!

  • Praia Azul
  • Forte de São João
  • Praia da Azurara

Praia da Azurara

Become a paddling expert with this 2-hour lesson at the Azurara beach.

And what about the historical sites in Vila do Conde?

Well, you have these following sites that make up the city. From the monastery of Santa Clara to the Aqueduct; these sites are definitely ones to see during your visit in Vila do Conde. Check them out!

  • The Mosteiro de Santa Clara complex
  • Igreja de São João Baptista
  • Aqueduto de Santa Clara
  • The Nau Quinhentista boat

The Nau Quinhentista boat

Vila do Conde has become quite a significant resort over the recent years, and despite its increase in visitors, this beautiful town still retains much of its charm. But where can you go from Vila do Conde?

Well, you could also make a day trip to Porto, Braga and Viana do Castelo, as there is a metro connection to the airport.

Visit the resort town of Vila do Conde by joining this 5-hour guided scooter tour that starts in Porto.

What else does Vila do Conde has to offer?

Well, it has the International Film Festival which is one of the most prestigious film festivals in Portugal, and is reaching its 27th edition in 2019 at the Curtas Vila do Conde.

The festival focuses on the discovery of new films and filmmakers, also recognising the legacy of Cinema.

This year it will take place from 6th to 14th of July and will announce the call for entries for new short films that were produced in 2018-2019, within the duration limit of 60 minutes.

Hotels in Vila do Conde

Santana Hotel & Spa

Santana Hotel & Spa is a 4-star hotel and is 3 km away from the sandy Praia Atlântica and only 1 km away from Museu das Rendas de Bilros. The hotel offers an indoor swimming pool, a spa and a restaurant; plus a lobby bar and a gym.

Santana Hotel & Spa

Address: Monte Santana, 188, Azurara
Contact: 252 640 460
Price: €69-€95 per night

Check their availability here.

Axis Vermar

Axis Vermar is a 4-star refined conference hotel that offers sleek rooms and suites, with two pools and a spa, as well as dining and ocean views.

Axis Vermar is just a 2-minute walk from Hotel Beach and is 27 km from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport and 34 km from central Porto.

Axis Vermar

Address: R. da Imprensa Regional, 4490-518 Póvoa de Varzim
Contact: 252 298 900
Price: €71 -€87 per night

Check the availability here.

Grande Hotel da Póvoa

The Grande Hotel da Póvoa is a 3-star hotel that is literally across the street from Praia Redonda beach and is just a minute’s walk from the Casino da Póvoa, as well as a 4-minute walk from shopping on the Rua da Junqueira.

The Grande Hotel da Póvoa is a relaxed hotel that offers beautiful coloured rooms, with ocean views, a restaurant and free breakfast.

Grande Hotel da Póvoa

Address: Passeio Alegre 20, 4490-428 Póvoa de Varzim
Contact: 252 290 400
Price: €60-€80 per night

Check the availability here.

Vila C Boutique Hotel

Vila C Boutique Hotel is a 4-star hotel that is located in a modernist concrete building on the main thoroughfare and is 13 minutes’ walk away from the historic town centre, as well as a 16-minute walk from Azurara Beach.

This luxury hotel offers a spa, restaurant and bar, as well as free breakfast.

Vila C Boutique Hotel

Address: Av. Mouzinho de Albuquerque, s/n, Estrada Nacional 13, 4480-151 Vila do Conde
Contact: 252 240 420
Price: €90-€129 per night

Check the availability here.

Autor Guesthouse

Another option is Autor Guesthouse, which is a 4-star relaxed guesthouse that offers contemporary rooms with free Wi-Fi, a garden and a communal kitchen.

It is a 12-minute walk from the nearest metro station, a minute walk from exhibits and local history at Museu das Rendas de Bilros, and 3 km from Azurara Beach along the Atlantic Ocean.

Autor Guesthouse

Address: R. do Lidador 225, 4480-791 Vila do Conde
Contact: 913 361 588
Price: €75-€90 per night

Check their availability here.

Restaurants in Vila do Conde

This town is not only great for the beaches and the historical sites, but it is also great for its restaurants. This makes it a perfect place to visit for a trip for two, a group of friends, or with the family.

According to TripAdvisor, here are our top 5 restaurants you should go to during your stay in Vila do Conde.

1. Villazur


Healthy European and Portuguese inspired cuisines, as well as special diets such as vegetarian-friendly and vegan diets.

Address: Rua da Junqueira 325, Vila do Conde 4480-156, Portugal
Contact: 913 877 490
Price range: €5-€25

Check their reviews here.

2. Adega da Vila

Adega da Vila

On offer are Mediterranean, European and Portuguese inspired cuisines as well as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Address: Rua Comendador Antonio Fernandes da Costa 57, Vila do Conde 4480-740, Portugal
Contact: 961 258 237
Price range: €12-€22

Check their reviews here.

3. Romando


Local cuisines, Mediterranean, traditional Portuguese and vegetarian-friendly dishes. Great for special occasions, romantic nights, bar scenes and business meetings.

Address: Rua n02 n0221, Areia-Arvore, Vila do Conde 4480-088, Portugal
Contact: 252 641 075
Price range: €10-€25

Check their reviews here.

4. Restaurante Villa del Conde

Restaurante Villa del Conde

Italian and Mediterranean dishes as well as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Address: Rua Estêvão Soares 278, Vila do Conde 4480-814, Portugal
Contact: 930 536 094
Price range: €15-€40

Check their reviews here.

5. Salitre


Salitre offers local cuisines, Mediterranean, European, traditional Portuguese dishes and gluten-free options. This restaurant is also great for special occasions, business meetings, and romantic nights with scenic views.

Address: Avenida dos Banhos 10, Vila do Conde 4485-691, Portugal
Contact: 229 282 918
Price range: €15-€30

Check their reviews here.

Breathtaking Vila do Conde

The Town of Vila do Conde

So, with its beautiful historic heart, glassy river mouth, breathtaking long beaches, and its salty history, you can understand why Vila do Conde is an excellent place to go to for a weekend getaway or some time during your trip to Porto.

This town is a place that you’ll never regret seeing.