Best Clubs in Portugal: Ready For a Night Out You Won’t Forget?

Best Clubs in Portugal
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If you like dancing, then you’ve come to the right place. Portugal’s nightlife is awesome and you’re about to see why. Cheap drinks, good music, and venues opened until the wee hours of the morning make it the best combination for a crazy night out. And while the Portuguese seem laid back by nature, they certainly know how to have a good time.

Best clubs in Portugal

Take a sneak peek inside the best places to go dancing in Portugal and release the John Travolta or Shakira inside of you.

Best clubs in Lisbon

Lux Club Lisbon

The dance clubs in Lisbon are arguably the best in the country, with soundtracks of all styles and countless venues to try out. Here are some of my favourites: 1. Lux FrágilLux Frágil is Portugal’s most internationally renowned dance venue, and one of Lisbon’s biggest nightclubs. Located near Santa Apolónia, the venue is set over three floors and caters for lovers of disco, house and techno tracks. Since 1998, Lux has presented weekly lineups of internationally known DJs and performers, including Ame, Marcel Dettman, Kink, and plenty more. The one problem with Lux is its fussy bouncers. For whatever reason, perhaps your hair colour, choice of shoes, or size of your gang, the bouncers at Lux decide who and when they want to let inside. One day you might walk straight through the doors, and another day you will wait 30 minutes in line to be told the cover is €300. In their attempt to maintain an air of exclusivity, they often leave many genuine music fans disappointed (and club-less) at 4am. Just be warned! But if you do make it inside, you will find yourself dancing into the morning across the basement, bar and rooftop terrace. Address: Avenida Infante Dom Henrique 73B, Lisbon. 2. Musicbox Located in the infamous Pink Street, Musicbox is renowned for throwing a good party and considered the best place to be Sunday through Tuesday. Open since 2006, the venue is both performance hall and dance space; presenting a varied lineup of local and international DJs playing the best of hip hop, house, popular and alternative music. Musicbox also partners with numerous cultural agents and showcases emerging talent as well as national and international artists. Its intimate venue and reliable music guarantee a good night of grooving here. Address: Rua Nova do Carvalho 24, Lisbon. 3. EuropaEuropa is one of Lisbon’s oldest nightclubs, located in the main street Cais do Sodré. It hosts all kinds of events during the evening, mainly showcasing local house/techno DJs and producers. The venue became well known for its “later” parties, “Europa Sunrise”, providing punters with a place to keep the party going from 6am to 10am on Sundays. These breakfast parties sadly dropped from the weekly lineup, but Europa is still a killer venue for those with Saturday night fever. Address: Rua Nova do Carvalho, 16-20, Cais do Sodré,  Lisbon. 4. Kremlin Once considered the third best disco in the world, Kremlin occupies an old convent building in Santos and is dominated by electronic music sounds. The building maintains its original façade but has been modernised with top of the range light and sound systems. The venue has helped artists like DJ Vibe and To Pereira grow and has seen many international acts play their booth. Head here for a night of filthy beats and just as filthy dance moves. Address: Rua Escadinhas da Praia, n5 – Santos, Lisbon. If this list of the best clubs in Lisbon don’t take your fancy, don’t worry There are plenty more to be found. Cais do Sodré is lined with nightclubs along Pink Street and the Tagus River, and there’s many more for you to explore everywhere in Lisbon, so you’re bound to find the beat you’re looking for here.

Best clubs in Porto Dance your way through Porto’s best clubsPorto’s club scene is certainly one to be rivalled and just a few months ago it hosted Portugal’s first ever Boiler Room. For the techno boys and girls out there, Porto is a must-do, and for fans of other genres, the city has plenty of options too. 5. Gare Gare is considered one of the best clubs in Europe, not just Portugal. It is the place you go to hear excellent music and experience the alternative culture of the underground club scene. Its lineup includes artists of many different genres, but on Friday nights its exclusively House and Drum ‘n’ bass, while Saturdays are devoted to quality techno. This is the place to boogie if you’re looking for a grungy venue and top DJ mixes. Address: Rua da Madeira 182, Porto. 6. Hard Club Set up in a renovated former marketplace, Hard Club is a spacious venue with a striking blend of classic and modern décor. The venue acts as a trendy café and chilled-out bar during the daytime and when the clock strikes midnight you’ll enjoy dancing to live music concerts or DJ sets. Address: Praça do Infante, 95, Porto. 7. Passos Manuel One of the best dance clubs in Porto, Passos Manuel resides in a former theatre complex. Here you’ll get to boogie to the music of all genres, with a lineup ranging alternative events, live bands, and international DJs. Other events like film screenings and theatre performances are held here too, pulling in crowds for all interests. Address: Rua Passos Manuel 137, Porto. 8. Indústria Open since 1986, Indústria is the oldest nightclub in Porto. The venue is equipped with an incredible sound system and hosts local artists as well as international acts. From reggae fans to electro lovers, Indústria is the place to be for those who want to let loose in their party shoes. Address: Avenida Brasil 843, Loja A-F, Foz, Porto. Other notable mentions in Porto are Plano B, a retro-themed music club, and Pérola Negra, a vintage strip-club. The nightlife in this city is centralised to downtown, with most bars and nightclubs nearby to each other. These dance clubs in Porto will undoubtedly get you grooving.

Best Clubs in the Algarve

Compared to Lisbon and Porto, the Algarve is not as big on Portugal’s clubbing map during most of the winter, but when summer comes… Well my friends… This all changes and it becomes the most exciting, epic and vibrant nightlife of the country. During the summer the region attracts international artists as well as the top Portuguese DJs, so if you are heading south for a holiday, we recommend these venues to go dancing. 9. Lick Located in Albufeira, Lick, the old Kadoc, is one of the biggest clubs in the Algarve hosting regular dance parties. In collaboration with music labels, the club attracts large audiences for all genres of music, from house and techno music to hip hop and trap. Big names like Deadmau5 and Black Coffee even played at the venue last year. If you’re planning a night out here, be prepared to “go large, go lick, or go home”. Address: EM526 465L, 8100-072 Boliqueime10. No Solo Água Beach Club There are three No Solo Água Beach Clubs, but the one in Portimão was the first to open. I love this emblematic club right in the Portimão Marina. Famous DJs play the best of electronic music as well as soul, hip hop, funk and rock. This club is a great place both for starting the night with a few drinks and ending it with a boogie on the dance floor. Address: Marina de Portimão, Bloco 4, Loja 1, Portimão (reopens in March)

Excited about the best dance clubs in Portugal?

Now do me a favour, prepare your best dance moves and jump into the dance floor! Whether you like dingy warehouses reminiscent of the 90s or modern venues decked out with swimming pools, these nightclubs are bound to get your heads bopping and your hips swaying all night long. Get ready to bust a move! Have you ever been to a Portuguese nightclub? Do you have any other suggestions regarding the best clubs in Portugal? If you want to be kept informed about travel tips and places to visit in Portugal, sign up for our newsletter today. 

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