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There’s a place in Lisbon where you can find the most awesome dining spots, the best chefs, bars, shops and even a workshop area for foodies.
And that place is the Time Out Market.
If you want to have a unique experience in Lisbon, then you cannot miss this awesome market. Here’s what makes it special.

Time Out Market

Lisbon’s Time Out Market started as an idea from the publishers of the magazine with the same name. The market opened in 2014 and became part of a network of other important markets around the world sponsored by the Time Out group. Besides Lisbon, you can find similar markets in:

  • Miami,
  • New York,
  • Boston,
  • Chicago,
  • Montreal,
  • London,
  • Prague

As one of the most recent ones, Lisbon’s Time Out Market is well-known for the food it offers and also for its lovely architecture –  as it is very open and very spacious, actually, the building where the market is located was once the place a farmers market. The concept of this market is very simple: to offer a great variety of food and drinks in a historic venue, purposely restored by Time Out to host a total of 24 restaurants and 8 bars under one roof (most of them are owned by famous Portuguese chefs).

Where’s the Time Out Market?

Lisbon’s Time Out Market is located in Cais do Sodré, one of the most famous neighbourhoods in the capital. To find it just write Mercado da Ribeira, Avenida 24 de Julho on your Google Maps and you’ll quickly find out how to get there. By public transport take the green line to Cais do Sodré, cross the street and voilá, you’re there.

Time Out Market Opening Hours:

It’s open every day of the week:

Restaurants in the Time Out Market

Typical Portuguese Cuisine

Portugal is known for its traditional and delicious food. If you want to experience the real Portuguese cuisine, these are the restaurants you should visit:
  • Café de São Bento: if you’re “all in” for beef and fries, delight yourself in this restaurant;
  • Manteigaria Silva: cheese, bread, ham and so much more. Prepare yourself to eat all day;
  • Marisqueira Azul: for exquisite Portuguese seafood;
  • Balcão da Esquina: chef Vitor Silva invites you to eat the best Portuguese dishes;
  • Olhó Bacalhau: classic cod cakes (called “pastéis de bacalhau” in Portuguese) with original flavours you must try one of each;
  • Croqueteria: in Portugal, small fried pastries filled with minced fried meat, the queues are usually big but it’s totally worth the wait;
  • Cozinha da Felicidade: typical Portuguese food and snacks created by chef Susana Piedade, here you also find vegetarian options;
  • Marlene Vieira: a popular Portuguese chef that presents her version of Portuguese food;
  • Henrique Sá Pessoa: is the name of a famous Portuguese chef that creates his version of traditional cuisine.

Time Out Market for vegetarians and vegans

Don’t worry, if you’re not a fan of meat or fish and still want to have lunch or dinner at Time Out Market, there are plenty of options to choose from. Below, you can find the best vegan and vegetarian options:
  • Cozinha da Felicidade: besides serving typical food, it also has vegetarian options;
  • Tartar-ia: You’ll love their vegetarian tartar;
  • Marlene Vieira: another popular cook in Portugal that presents her version of Portuguese food, serving also vegetarian options;
  • Henrique Sá Pessoa: this restaurant also offers vegetarian dishes;
  • Croqueteria: in Portugal, it is typical to eat small pieces of minced meat which is fried and served alone. But in Croqueteria you can also find vegetarian options;
  • Asian Lab: the name says it all. Here, you can try typical Asian dishes;
  • Crème de la Crème: are you a soup fan? Then this is the place to go;
  • Chef: where you find the best pies in the city.

Pizza at the Time Out Market

Italian food is the best, isn’t it? At the Time Out Market you can also taste some wonderful pizzas in Zero Zero, a restaurant where you can find the greatest combinations – they also offer vegetarian pizzas.

Michelin-starred chefs at the Time Out Market

You can taste the food of some Michelin-starred chefs at the Time Out Market:

  • Alexandre Silva: Alexandre has one Michelin star and has a restaurant at the market;
  • Henrique Sá Pessoa: with two Michelin stars, this Portuguese chef serves the best Portugal has to offer;
  • Miguel Laffan: his peculiar journey has guided him to where Miguel is now, he won a Michelin star in 2013, lost it in 2015 and gained it back right after.

Breakfast at the Time Out Market, Lisbon

Not everything has to be eaten at lunch or dinner, right? Breakfast menus are also a must-try here in Portugal, and also at the Time Out Market. Check out our top 5:
  1. Nós é mais Bolos: if cakes for breakfast are your thing, make sure you go to this place;
  2. L’Éclair: the traditional French dessert is also very popular in Portugal;
  3. Recordação de Sintra: the perfect spot to have breakfast and taste Sintra’s traditional pastry;
  4. Manteigaria: you cannot leave the market without trying one of the best “pastéis de nata” in Portugal;
  5. Quiosque do Café: for strong coffee and traditional cakes and bread.

Time Out Market at night

You have a lot to choose from if you want to have a drink: from beer to Porto wine and gins. These are the best bars you can find at the Time Out Market:

  • Beer Experience SuperBock;
  • O Bar da Odete;
  • Aperol Spritz;
  • Taylor’s;
  • Licor Beirão;
  • Time Out Bar

Prices at the Time Out Market

For breakfast

Even though it depends on the food and drinks you choose, you can spend an average of €6 to €7 per breakfast.

For lunch and dinner

Author cuisine is a bit more expensive than going to the restaurants offering more “simple” food or snacks. Therefore, a meal for two can cost €30.

For bars

Depending on the drink, prices can start at €1,60 for a beer or go up to €8 or €9 for a gin or vodka.

Top 5 hotels near the Time Out Market

Martinhal Lisbon

If you’re planning to visit the city with the family, this is the place to stay. The minimum price per night starts at €353. You can find it here.

Verride – Palácio Santa Catarina

This hotel was built on a historic palace right in the centre of Lisbon, so expect to be charmed by its beauty. The minimum price per night starts at €669. If you want luxury this is the place for you. Book it here.

Hotel Corpo Santo

Another great 5-star option if you are a fan of historic places. All the commodities you can think of can be found at Hotel Corpo Santo, where the price per night starts at €396.

Almaria – Edifício da Corte

Almaria – Edifício da Corte this is one of the closest options to Time Out Market, a great hotel that is a bit less expensive than others in the area (the price per night starts at €144).

8 Buildings

This building goes back to 1950, the year in which it was built. It has 44 apartments able to host couples or families at the starting price of €134 per night. Book it here.

Time Out Market Events

Besides the amazing food and drinks, Time Out Market is also known for hosting great events, from concerts to theatre and other cultural experiences (some are free!). Did you like this article? Subscribe to our newsletter to discover more interesting spots about Lisbon.
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