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There is a new international school in Portugal and it’s in Lisbon’s centre. It is the British School of Lisbon. Have you heard about it? Here we explore this newest school for international education in Lisbon and explain some of their unique benefits that will give your child an edge in their education path.

What is the British School of Lisbon?

The British School of Lisbon (BSL) is an international school dedicated to inspiring every child to pursue excellence and help them prepare for the world by instilling in them the love for learning in line with the British Educational Heritage. The British School Lisbon (BSL) is part of The Schools Trust (TST), a United Kingdom registered, non-profit organisation.  They founded their first international school in Beijing, China in 2004 and have since been a long-established presence in many countries around the world teaching the British curriculum to expat children.

The headmaster of the British School of Lisbon Mr. David Laird

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What benefits does the British School of Lisbon offer our children?

There are five main benefits which sets the British School of Lisbon apart for the benefit of your child’s learning and development:

  1. UK trained teachers;
  2. Small class sizes;
  3. Portuguese culture;
  4. After-school care;
  5. Child’s wellbeing is paramount.

1. UK trained teachers

The teachers are selected from the highest UK educational standards who are enthusiastic about teaching in an international school and are invested in the startup success of the British School of Lisbon.

2. Small class sizes

The class sizes are kept small which enables teachers to match each child’s experience as closely as possible to individual needs while providing scope for pupils to be stretched academically.

3. Portuguese culture

The curriculum also includes local culture education with some focus on Portuguese history, language and life in Portugal to help the child integrate into the community.

4. After-school care

The school offer a wrap around service for working parents by allowing the children to stay later and participate in extracurricular activities that have been arranged with local support.

5. Child’s wellbeing is paramount

The school has warm and friendly teachers and staff who will ensure the happiness, comfort and safety of the children at all times.

British School Lisbon children Portugal

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What facilities does the British School of Lisbon campus offer?

BSL is well equipped with the latest technology and facilities to make the learning process for every child a wholesome experience. Some of the facilities include:

  • Modern, bright classrooms equipped with the latest technology;
  • A library and creative areas;
  • A computer suite;
  • A sports area;
  • Extensive age-appropriate play areas;
  • A dining area;
  • A multi-purpose hall; and
  • An auditorium.
British School Lisbon library Portugal

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Where is the British School of Lisbon?

Probably one of the best things about the British School of Lisbon is that it is located at Cais do Sodré, one of the most central areas of Lisbon. The school is set in one of the historical buildings in downtown Lisbon which will have all the interiors and exteriors refurbished before opening in September, 2019.

Is it possible to visit the school before applying?

Yes, it is possible and highly recommended. The British school of Lisbon will be more than happy to provide a tour of the school before applying or whilst making enquiries. To schedule the school tour, please visit their online agenda to pick a date and time. The Admissions Office address is: 8 Building, Praça Dom Luís I 30, Loja 16. The school is centrally located at Cais do Sodré which is easily accessible with a train line, trams, buses and the Metro.

British School Lisbon room Portugal

Curriculum overview of the British School of Lisbon

The British School of Lisbon’s curriculum is in line with the National Curriculum of England, which is provided by the Department for Education (DFE) in the UK.

Benefits of the UK curriculum

This British curriculum is recognised worldwide and regarded as one of the finest in the world. Also, kids who attend schools where the British curriculum is used, find it easier to transition into any British or international school. This includes having their studies recognised by the most reputable universities. With the rigorous and challenging academic UK curriculum at the British School of Lisbon, it ensures students achieve a high level of competency across all subjects.

How are children taught?

Children are taught through learning by questioning, problem-solving and creative thinking methods rather than other learning styles which emphasise mere retention of facts or prioritise only exam success. This is aimed at helping the students to build knowledge and the ability to reason and think independently. Also, at the British School of Lisbon, students will have the opportunity to develop skills and interests outside of the classroom and participate in extracurricular activities like sports, music, arts and drama programmes. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all students, stretching brighter children and supporting those who need it through differentiated teaching and learning activities.

The BSL House System

In line with making extracurricular activities more interesting and participatory, BSL uses a housing system that promotes team identity and competition. There are four “Houses” at the British School of Lisbon and all students are allocated to one of the four houses. The BSL houses are:

  • Shackleton;
  • Franklin;
  • Eliot; and
  • Turing.

During the year, the Houses engage in several activities and competitions for points and at the end of the year, the house with the highest point receives a donation to give to the charity of the respective house (you can see more about the charities here). This house system and the activities the students engage in throughout the year is also very useful for their development as it helps them build other qualities like independence, teamwork and leadership, self-discipline, awareness and courage. For more detailed information about BSL’s curriculum visit the school’s website here.

How old are the children at the British School of Lisbon?

The Lisbon campus will cater for nursery-aged children (from three years) up to Year Four (eight or nine years).

What are the fees at the British School of Lisbon?

The Application fee is €100 and is payable when the application is submitted. It is not refundable regardless of the outcome or withdrawal of an application. The school requires a €3,000 enrolment fee to be paid to confirm the placement of any child (one fee per family). The enrolment fee is non-refundable.

Tuition Fees for British School of Lisbon

Year groupAge as at 1 SeptemberFee per term (x3)
Year 15€3,900
Year 26€3,900
Year 37€4,200
Year 48€4,200

The tuition fees only covers stationery, learning materials and consumables. Costs for school excursions, uniforms, the school bus or school meals is paid for separately. For more details about fees structure, payments and other fees check the school fees page here.

How to apply to the British School of Lisbon?

The British School of Lisbon will start their first semester in September 2019, but you can apply now to ensure a place for your child. The school is as international as the Lisbon community and it doesn’t matter where you are from, if you want your child to have a UK recognised education, you can apply today. Applying to the British School of Lisbon is a straightforward process by filling in an admission form online on the school’s website. After completing the admission form, you may be required to provide supporting documents and pay the application fee. Parents may also be required to submit previous school reports of their children. Once the application has been received by the school, a meeting with the parents and the assessment for the child is scheduled. Entry assessments are organised either on the school campus or remotely if you are applying from abroad. After the assessment is completed, you can expect feedback within five to 10 working days from the assessment date. To make enquiries, you can either call (+351) 215 560 836 or send an enquiry email to [email protected]

British School Lisbon classroom Portugal

What are the advantages of the British School of Lisbon for parents?

There are many benefits for sending your children to the British School of Lisbon and include:

  • A well-established British curriculum with a strong global reputation;
  • Students are prepared to become globally educated citizens;
  • Students are helped to develop skills to adapt to the ever-changing 21st century;
  • All the lessons are taught entirely in English;
  • The class sizes are small;
  • There are extracurricular activities like literature, art, computers, modelling, judo and many more.
  • BSL is in a top Lisbon location.

Parents can also be rest assured that their children can easily transition into any British or international school. Also, when the time comes, they can gain admission to UK universities or other reputable universities worldwide. After school, you can easily get a job, even before university. Or you can also find a job on the Jooble website. If you are interested in other international schools in Lisbon or other cities of Portugal, read our article: Choosing the Best International Schools in Portugal.Do you have any questions about the British School of Lisbon? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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