How the Portuguese Passport Ranks in the Top 15 Worldwide for Quality of Life

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The Portuguese passport ranks in the top 15 worldwide for quality of life in 2024, according to datadriven analysis by the immigration consultancy Global Citizen Solutions.

In the Global Citizen Solutions Quality of Life Index, the Portuguese passport has a total score of 79.9, putting it in thirteenth place in the world. The key factors in this high ranking are its “very high” scores for both sustainable development and freedom, as well as its “high” score for migrant acceptance.

Combined, factors such as these make Portugal an ideal option for individuals and families who are exploring opportunities for international relocation.

Environmentalism, Sustainable Development, and Eco-Tourism

Portugal has earned its positive reputation for sustainable development because of its track record as a frontrunner in renewable energy, prioritizing wind and solar power to work toward achieving ambitious net-zero goals.

Additionally, from its pristine beaches to its picturesque national parks, Portugal treasures its natural beauty. It safeguards these precious landscapes with sustainable tourism and “eco-tourism” practices as well as its extensive conservation efforts.

Freedom, Civil liberties, and Migrant Acceptance

In terms of freedom, the nation has often performed well in worldwide rankings because of its strong record of upholding political rights and civil liberties, founded on its strong democratic institutions.

Meanwhile, Portugal’s “high” score for migrant acceptance is another aspect that contributes to its positive performance in the Quality of Life Index. This score reflects the nation’s openness to welcoming immigrants, evidenced by a range of integration initiatives — particularly for refugees and unaccompanied minors — providing access to language learning, job training, and housing.

The Portuguese government also offers a range of visa programs and several streamlined visa processes, which provide opportunities for various migrant categories, including retirees, digital nomads, investors, and entrepreneurs. Programs such as these make permanent residency, and eventually, citizenship and ownership of a Portuguese passport an attainable goal for many.

Exploring the Methodology Behind the Index

“We believe that a passport is not merely a document; it is a vessel of potential, a gateway to a life well-lived,” says Patricia Casaburi, Managing Director of Global Citizen Solutions.

“Our methodology considers factors beyond visa-free travel, taking into account healthcare, safety, education, and overall well-being, to provide a holistic view of the opportunities each passport opens up for its holder.”

The methodology for the index was created by Global Citizen Solutions’ research team, led by statistic and data analysts Dr. Roberto de Pinho and Vladimir López-Bassols. It analyzes quantitative data such as composite indicators used by leading international institutions and multilateral organizations including the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, and the Sustainable Development Report. Commented [GS1]: list or ranking? Commented [GS2]: Need another title Commented [GS3]: move it to the bottom.

The six main indicators for the index that formed the basis of the rankings were weighted as follows: Sustainable Development Goals (30 percent), Cost of Living (20 percent), Level of Freedom (20 percent), Happiness (10 percent), Environmental Performance (10 percent), and Migrant Acceptance (10 percent).

Using the Index as a Travel Checker

As well as providing insights such as these into which are the most attractive passports to hold for those who are looking to immigrate, the ranking system is also beneficial for tourists, giving them a greater understanding of attractive destinations to visit.

“[The Quality of Life Index] is also a fantastic tool if you just want to plan your next travel destination focused on well-being, sustainability and social engagement,” Casaburi says.

As Global Citizen Solutions Strategy Director Manuel Garrido explains, the fields that are covered by the index also provide practical information that can be greatly beneficial in planning a trip.

“For avid travelers, there are great indicators to understand more about a country that you may want to visit,” says Garrido.

“For example, learning about the cost of living is essential to understand how much you will need to budget for your holiday.”

Indeed — offering opportunities to explore a compelling history and areas of outstanding natural beauty — Portugal is just as attractive to tourists as it to international migrants.

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