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From Australia to Portugal, we’re a small international team who’s based in one the most authentic neighbourhood of Lisbon – Intendente.  Meet the squad!

Dmitry Christie

Full Stack Web DeveloperDmitry Christie

I’m bePortugal’s Web Developer, with a specialisation in PHP, JavaScript, MySQL,HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, cPanel, WordPress, and WooCommerce.

I’m also a Digital Nomad who’s lived in Russia, UK, Portugal and Italy. Currently living in Spain.

bePortugal Writers

All of bePortugal’s content is original and written by outstanding writers who have a clear connection to Portugal. Students, tourists, workers and others who have moved to Portugal permanently, all from different countries.

It’s time to me meet all of our writers who work hard to share with you relevant information about Portugal.

Temidayo Soyinka

Enthusiastic economist and writerTemidayo

I’m a freelance writer passionate about economics and everything that is related to business. Currently, I’m doing a study semester abroad in Italy and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Management in Portugal, where I live. I love photography, travelling and experiencing new cultures.

Easy-going content writerJack

A man only has maybe two or three chances to decide to change his life completely. In one of those moments, I discovered Portugal and fell in love.

Since then, I divide my time between Portugal and New Zealand searching for the perfect wave and scribbling for a living.

Teodora Gospodinova

Creative Content StrategistTeodora

I’m a freelance copywriter, creative content strategist and ghostwriter who has lived in Portugal for a while now. I’m very passionate about creating content that people can easily connect with.

Megan Flottorp


I’m a Lisbon-based writer who loves talking culture, travel, and women’s sports. Born in Canada, I completed an MA in Humanities in Prague and a Journalism Diploma in Montreal. I’m always on the hunt for surprising stories and new ways to #resistapathy.

Syndi Smith

Freelance copywriterSindy

I’m a freelance copywriter and free-spirited traveller from Australia. I fell in love with Portugal when I arrived here and hope to share with you all the reasons why.

Valeryia Hintoft

Freelance copywriterValery

My name’s Valery and I’m from Belarus and love everything about Portugal. I’m a coffeeholic and travel addict and I cannot imagine my day without a piece of chocolate. I love English and Russian literature. I’m keen on sport, particularly basketball and I’m also interested in politics, history and the arts. I don’t use plastic bags! My big dream is to be a speaker at a TED conference.

Gabriel Virata

Global CreativeGabriel

I’m a global creative – raised in Australia, worked in London and currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. I’m passionate about storytelling and, over the last 10 years, I’ve worked across the entire media industry from television, design, production, fashion, branding, and marketing. When I’m not working you can find me completely disconnected and travelling to a new part of the world!

Lili Marocsik

Writing and VideoLili

I stole my motto “If there is no opportunity, let´s build a door!” from Milton Berle.
My doors at the moment are writing and video. Usually, my topics are traveling and the beauty of (Lisbon) life.

Kim Mifsud

Freelance DesignerKim

I am a freelance designer, singer-songwriter, born and raised in Australia. I love to venture out and experience different cultures. One day I came to Lisbon and fell in love with this beautiful city and haven’t left since. I have a passion for music and design, and I enjoy writing during my spare time.


Freelance CopywriterMatt

My love affair with Portugal began in 2006 and since then I’ve never looked back. Originally from the United Kingdom, I spend my time freelance copywriting or creating compelling, intriguing content or savouring precious moments with my baby boy for whom I will write bedtime stories for when he’s older.

Saniya Giniatullina

Digital Marketing and Content WriterSaniya

A third culture kid of Russia, Italy and Finland (but originally Tatar) who has also lived in Berlin and Rotterdam before moving to Lisbon in 2016. Passionate about travelling, languages, cultures and generally bringing a positive impact to this world. Works in content and digital marketing in international organisations. Special skills include speaking cat-anese.

Ira Fedorchak

Fashion enthusiastIra

A Ukrainian expat living in Portugal and bringing up passion to the
writer’s field by exploring, learning and renovating the lever of
knowledge. A community lover with futuristic thinking and business
adeptness. A true fashion and style enthusiast communicating with
future tech.

Dorota Spirra

Freelance CopywriterDorota

I’m freelance copywriter from Poland. I fell in love with Portugal, especially Lisbon, since the first visit in 2014 during Erasmus Programme Exchange. I hope I’ll be able to share with you my passion for this amazing country. I graduated in Economics and I’m interested in Social Media and creating content. I love travelling and experiencing new cultures. One of my biggest passions and way of life is dancing.

Laura Chambers

Language studentLaura

Laura moved to Portugal in 2002 where she studied at the local school in Ansião – Leiria. She is both British and Portuguese and fluent in both languages. She works for a local building company and also looks after holiday lets. As she likes to be busy she is also studying for a degree in languages with hopes of becoming an official translator in the future.

Gabriele Missaglia


I’m 27 years old and I have a dream: To become a worldwide known writer. My passion is writing about anything. I usually write about the fabulous dinner I had yesterday, what you should do when you go to Italy and also about the next big author you should read (which I hope would be me in the future, since I write also more complex and philosophical novels). Apart from that, I can make gnocchi and pizza from scratch: After all, I’m Italian.

Anna Peter

Digital Marketing professionalAnna

A digital marketeer from Hungary, whose passion for travelling and experiencing different cultures has led her to live and work in five different countries across Europe, but planning to settle in Lisbon as she feels very much at home here. She loves all things tech and enjoys writing during her spare time.

Sebastian Christoffer

Traveller and freelance copywriterSebastian

Born and raised in Germany, I have previously lived in Lancaster and London before finally moving to Lisbon in 2017. My great passion is travelling and in that respect I very much enjoy getting to know new places and specifically the people that live there. Languages are another great interest of mine and while I can already communicate in four, I want to continue learning! Although I am sadly about to leave Lisbon for a new job, I am planning to come back here for good, considering the city is to me the cosmopolitan and vibrant capital of one of Europe’s most beautiful countries!

James Mcdonagh

Tour GuideJames

Born in Australia, I studied at Melbourne University, whilst travelling everywhere possible between semesters. I’m currently working as a tour guide in Lisbon, and enjoying learning the language and experiencing the Portuguese culture. I have a keen interest in history, music and people.

Louisa Santos


Proudly from Porto, Portugal. I love everything about Communication and that is why I have a degree in Communication Sciences, with a specialisation in Journalism.

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